1.No harassing people on here or you'll be warned or worse.

2. No cursing, it still means that you are harassing!

3. DO NOT STEAL ART- You will be reported, warned, or banned.

4. Follow what I say by my rules- if I see you breaking one of my rules you will be warned.

5. No spamming- Please don't spam. It's unnecessary, plus you can be warned.

6. Do not claim art- If you are an admin and you post art that you haven't paid for or have no permission to post, you will have no use for your admin rank and it is possible that your rank will go down and you will be warned. If you have no rank, you will be warned or banned.

7. Do not create additional groups- If you create a usergroup without my explicit permission you will be banned, even if you are a staff member.
I have made a topic explaining this here
(this is 'clickable'!)

Please follow theses rules, if any one is doing anything bad please tell me.